Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right: Ali Nawaz, Rohale Asghar Exchange Galiyaan During The NA Session

Ali Nawaz Rohail Asghar
Image Source: Twitter

The National Assembly witnessed scenes of chaos and disorder as a member of the ruling PTI, Ali Nawaz Awan got into a nasty brawl with PML-N’s Rohale Asghar.

Things escalated quickly as the two resorted to exchanging galiyaan while Awan lost his cool to a point that he hurled a manuscript at the MNA Asghar.

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All of this started when Shehbaz Sharif, President of PML-N walked up to address the lower house. As soon as he began speaking, Sharif was welcomed with shouting and sloganeering by treasury and opposition benches.

Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Fawad Chaudhry, Zartaj Gul and Ali Amin Gandapur were some of the sloganeers opposing Sharif’s stance on the budget.

PML-N President declared the budget as bogus, calling it nothing but a document of lies as it failed to provide relief to public. All of this triggered revolt from the treasury bench.

Soon after, as Murtaza Ali Shah puts it, “budget missiles were being thrown in all directions” as the opposing parties got down to “business.”

Amidst all the chaos, Ali Nawaz Awan and Rohale Asghar got a little too personal by shoving books and hurling abuses at each other.

Pakistani Twitter condemned the behavior saying this was completely uncalled for and that there’s no reason for parliamentarians to lose their calm like that. They also called for them to maintain their composure and not lose their dignity in the heat of the moment.

Journalist Usama Khilji pointed out that there’s no place for such parliamentarians and their seats should be taken back.

People criticized Awan for stooping to a new low and setting a bad precedent for the ruling government by uttering profanities in the lower house.

Meanwhile, there were some who were of the opinion that the behavior of both the members was equally condemnable and that they should be suspended for creating a ruckus in NA yesterday.

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