After #MujheKyunNikala, Nawaz Sharif Gives Pakistan #TumheyKya To Laugh About


This for sure has not been a good year for PML-N and its party President, Nawaz Sharif. Earlier, this year the former Prime Minister was sacked from his office following the orders of Supreme Court and ever since some of his statements have not only gone viral but have also become a reason for trolling on Twitter.

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First it was #MujheKyunNikala which went viral and resulted in a major embarrassment for PML-N. Now its #TumheyKya that’s earning a bad name for the party and its chief.

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Here is exactly what News One alongside some of the other leading TV channels reported via Twitter following the former premier’s press conference yesterday.

The comment immediately made way for an insane amount of memes and tweets!

The social media humorists! O what would we do without these people! They’re like unsung super heroes who have the power to make people laugh even in the bleakest of times.

I stand by you brother!

Does my toothpaste have namak? I must investigate!

Then don’t, bhai! Why are you tweeting about it?

Ingenious, I tell you! Simply ingenious!

Oooo! Good point!

You don’t? But why????

Hahahahaha! Simply hilarious!

Ummmm…whatever you say!

Naha lo yaar! Hum par reham karo!

Well, the funny types weren’t the only ones tweeting away using this hashtag! There were also those who questioned the comment and were angry at what they had witnessed.

Some believe, Mian Sahab’s statement is an admission of guilt.

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