#AbParhegaPuraPakistan: Here’s Why You Need To Sign This Right To Education Petition Of Pakistan Coalition For Education

Right To Education Petition pakistan coalition for education
Source: PCE

With the 18th Amendment, Right to Education became an inalienable right of every child in Pakistan.

Though the Right to Education Act was passed in 2010, access to quality education remains an elusive dream for many in Pakistan.

In order to address the grave issues confronting the education sector Pakistan Coalition for Education (PCE) has created a “Right to Education Petition” highlighting seven key demands.

1. Meet the political promises and international commitments by increasing the budget allocation for education to minimum 4%-6% of the GDP and/or 15%-20% of the total public expenditure.

2. Undertake immediate measures to enrol 22.6 million out-of-school children in schools, with a priority to the 12.6 million out of school girls.

3. Make amendment to Article 25-A of the Constitution to extend mandatory schooling to 12 years and ensure its implementation in letter and spirit.

4. Adopt appropriate framework to regulate private education system.

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5. Improve the quality of education in the public school system.

6. Move towards evidence-based and informed planning, policy and decision making with Right to Information as a core principle.

7. Ensure opportunities for citizen participation in the policy-making process.

The petition is a call to action by 100,000 Pakistani citizens to remind the government of their role to provide every child their constitutional right to free and quality education.

So far, the signature count on Right to Education petition is more than 25,000 from all over Pakistan. You can also join hands with PCE by signing this petition here!