8 Photos Of Alizeh Shah With Rumored Boyfriend You Should Look At Instead Of Their Leaked Photos

Alizeh Shah boyfriend
Source: Alizeh Shah's Instagram

Ehd-e-Wafa star Alizeh Shah and Noman Sami have been raising eyebrows for past couple of months. Noman Sami was rumored to be the boyfriend of Alizeh Shah but the duo never gave any name to their relationship.

Recently, some intimate photos of Alizeh Shah have been floating on the internet allegedly with Noman Sami.

But we bring you 8 photos of Alizeh Shah with her rumored boyfriend Noman Sami that you should be looking at instead!

1. This picture that Alizeh shared on new year’s eve.

2. In a cute pose outside McDonalds.

3. When Alizeh couldn’t take her eyes off of Noman.

4. And when it was the other way round.

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5. While casually hanging out.

6. Randomly posing with her BFF.

7. Noman rooting for her chutki (played by Alizeh in Superstar).

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8. Best Friends Forever!