6 Kind Things You Can Do This Eid To Make It Special For Someone Else

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Eid is all about caring for others especially those who can’t even afford the basic luxuries of life. During the COVID-19 pandemic, life has been even more difficult for many people around us and we can play our part to give these people and families moments of joy and happiness.

There are 6 kind things you can do this Eid to make it special for someone else!

1. Charity

The poor and deserving families are in need of our charities more than ever. Extend your maximum charities to the needy people. Make their Eid special too.

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2. Gifts

Exchanging gifts is an Eid tradition and this Eid you can focus on giving gifts to the poor and needy. Your gifts can include new clothes, toys for children, household items, etc.

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3. Share food

Having delicious food and desert is one of the core essences of Eid. This year, keep in mind to have a share for the deserving people. Share your extra food with the needy for them to feel it like an Eid day too.

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4. Donate clothes

Everything doesn’t need to be new or lavish. Your kindness depends on your passion and what you have in your reach. If you want to do something good for someone but can’t do much then you can donate your old clothes.

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5. Distribute ration packs

The best way to make someone’s Eid special would be to take away their worry about their food for a few days. Distributing rations packs among the deserving will not only make eid special but will keep it special for the next so many days.

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6. Eidi

Eidi and charity are completely different. Eidi is commonly given to people close to you or people you know. If your household help is coming to work then give them eidi, also if you have a security guard in the street and you generally know people who deserve Eidi then give everyone a little.

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Eid is for everyone to enjoy and feel happy about. Our kind gestures can bring smiles on the face of someone and we might be in their prayers forever.

And remember to maintain social distancing and take precautions to stay safe!