5 Things Pakistanis Do On 14th August That Aren’t Patriotic But Crazy

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Source: Sajnajee

14th August, the Independence Day is just around the corner and Pakistanis are in full spirit as always. We are quite certain that this year will be no different from the previous years when it comes to celebrations. The enthusiasm is building up, national flags are being displayed at homes and on vehicles. Despite that fact that Covid-19 is still out there, the nation does plan go crazy as usual.

What are we on about? Here are 5 things Pakistanis do on 14th August which aren’t patriotic but crazy.

1. The Fireworks

So, fireworks are part of every major celebration and why not? We need to announce to the world how excited we are. Can’t think of any better way than destroying people’s eardrum or even risking the safety of people.


2. One Wheeling

The linkage between being happy about the Independence Day and riding the motorbike on one wheel or riding like there is no tomorrow makes no sense at all. Pakistan got independence so we can have peaceful lives rather than risking it.

3. Littering

Probably the least anyone cares about but most of the families are out and they eat at public and open spaces and in the aftermath the food packets, juice boxes, disposable plates etc. are left everywhere. Doesn’t seem much like patriotism if the beauty of the city is being ruined.


4. Traffic Jams

Believe it or not, the most important rule of a good citizen is to leave the homes and become part of vehicle parades which is almost in every city. For example, not being present at the Blue Area road of Islamabad to be stuck in a crowd of cars would not complete the celebrations of Independence Day.

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5. The Awful Loud Noise

Bikes without silencers, cars with exhaust mufflers, the trumpets and firecrackers are just unbearable. We are still trying to understand why all this is necessary.


Don’t get us wrong. We aren’t trying to kill your buss. Celebrating and being happy about living in a free country is your right but doing all this doesn’t prove anything let along even doesn’t make anyone a patriot.

How do you think Independence Day should be celebrated? Please, share in the comments.