Stop Being A Useless Troll & Follow These 5 Positive Ways To Use Social Media

ways to use social media
Image Source: Phone World

Social media plays an extremely important role for in keeping us connected with the rest of the world. But somewhere along the way, we have lost the true essence of social media. The cyber space has become a very hostile environment, where virtually any topic can become an excuse for a heated argument or even a vent for aggression.

Here are some tips on using social media wisely

Learn to Ignore and Move On


It is quite obvious that you will come across content that you might not like, that would challenge your belief system and would question your thought process. So, should you really use the keyboard to start virtually beating up the other person?

Is that really necessary to get into an argument with someone you can’t even see?

It’s better to ignore rather than allowing your negative emotions to take the best of you unnecessarily.

Think Before You Post


One of the major problems with our cyber engagements is that we don’t stop for a second to think about the impact of our words.

Nothing good can come out of words that are aimed at degrading, upsetting and/or offending others.

It’s great to voice your opinions but think of inoffensive ways to articulate your critical thoughts.

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Don’t Judge


Everyone is fighting a battle. So, don’t judge people on the basis of what they share on social media. Who knows what frame of mind they were in when they posted something.

Just leave a positive comment. That would certainly be helpful!

Stay Quite If You Have Nothing Good to Say


There are people on social media who feel like it is their divine right to comment on everything they see. While doing so, they mostly cross an ethical boundary, de-track from the real purpose of the post and hence create a toxic environment.

Do not be that person!

If you have nothing good to say, it’s better to jump to the next post.

Balance Your Social Media Activity


Balance the time you spend online. Excess of anything can become toxic.

Go out. Take a walk. Read a book. Breathe.

There is no point in degrading or insulting social media users. Let’s keep the cyber space fun and friendly!