5 Persian Cuisines That You Must Try At Iftar Today

persian cuisines

In Persian, Iftar is called Futur. Persian cuisines originate from Iran and are famous all around the world. So, if you are also interested in adding a few Persian dishes to your iftar menu, then this is just the right piece for you to read.

A Look At The Top 5 Persian Iftar Cuisines!

1. Aush Reshteh

Source: Irandoostan

Aush reshteh is a traditional Ramazan dish in Iran. The ingredients used in this unique dish are easily available in Pakistan. Get the delicious and healthy noodle soup recipe here!

2. Tokhme Sharbati

tokhme sharbati
Source: Epersian

A perfect drink to keep you refreshed in summer all day long and healthy as well. This chia seed drink could be a good alternate to your daily iftar drink. Get the recipe here!

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3. Khoresht Gheymeh

Source: Igotitfrommama

Served with rice and fries, this dish is a complete meal for your family. Follow the recipe here!

4. Zulbia

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A sweet dish at your Iftar table or a snack post-iftar with tea; this seems to be a delicious choice. Here’s the recipe!

5. Ranginak

ranginak persian cuisines
Source: PersiaDigest

Ranginak is a healthy and nutritious date dessert from the southern region of Iran and is best served with tea. Here’s the recipe!