3 Things That Should Remain Unchanged In Naya Pakistan

Imran Khan and Najam Sethi
Source: Newspakistan.tv

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) following the 2018 elections is likely to form the new government in Pakistan within the next few days. The masses seem to have bought the party’s narrative and embraced its slogan of Naya Pakistan (i.e. New Pakistan).

And while it is true that Pakistan can certainly benefit from a do-over in (oh so!) many areas, there are at least three things that I earnestly hope will remain unchanged in Naya Pakistan.

Ongoing Projects
Danish School (Boys) Hasilpur Hostel
Danish School (Boys) Hasilpur Hostel / Source: http://www.daanishhsp.edu.pk

Most, if not all the ongoing projects of the previous government are normally discarded every time a new set-up takes control. Pakistan has had to bear massive economic losses owing to this bad practice over the decades.

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So here’s hoping that the PTI government will not follow the trend and ensure completion of all the on-going projects – across all sectors – if they are of benefit to the people of Pakistan.

PCB Chairman
Najam Sethi and Imran Khan
Source: Cricingif

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman, Najam Sethi without a shadow of doubt has done a pretty good job during his tenure. Not only does he deserve credit for the success of Pakistan Super League (PSL) but also for bringing back international cricket to the country.

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Let’s just hope that Imran Khan’s advisers can somehow defuse whatever tension there is between him and Sethi and allow the PCB chairman to complete his term.

Khan’s Promises
Imran Khan
Source: Deccan Chronicle

Imran Khan has made quite a few promises during and before his election campaign. Ranging from building a corruption-free Pakistan to making quality health and education accessible to all, it is Khan’s  pledges that captured the imagination of the Pakistani voter more than anything else.

So, let’s just hope that they are not forgotten and that he is able to walk his talk when he assumes power.