3 Things That Need to Change in Pakistan

Pakistan's flag
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As I write Pakistan is only a few days away from celebrating 70 years of independence. It sure is a happy moment still, there are 3 things that as a citizen of the country I would like to see different. Here is a look at them.

3. End to Polarization

Difference of opinion is a natural phenomenon however, in Pakistan unfortunately polarization is such that as common citizen I wonder if ever we as a nation will be able find common ground. Whether its politics or sports; a matter of grave concern or gossip; victory or defeat people in the country are quick to build diverging opinions and then enforce their ideas on one another.

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To cut the long story short, I wish to see a Pakistan where people know how to respect one another’s point of view and where the masses and the leadership are on the same page at least on issues that have a direct bearing on the country’s future.

2. Able Leadership

The last decade bears clear witness that the country lacks able leadership and this is for sure, a problem because of which every segment of the society in one way or the other has had to suffer. Be it Junaid Jamshaid’s untimely death or the recent Bahawalpur tragedy, the rise of incompetence in key institutions and departments of the country has taken an embarrassing turn.

Thus, I desperately long for a Pakistan where at least key posts are filled while keeping merit in mind so that the homeland is somehow able to raise able leaders and benefit from their abilities in the coming decades.

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1. A Better Literacy Rate

The over-all standard of education is extremely poor and the aforementioned issues are only a by-product of this bigger problem. From awareness to one’s fundamental rights to the provision of basic facilities, nothing is possible if masses by and large, lack the ability to make well-informed decisions.

It is for this reason that I wish to see a day where most Pakistanis are well-educated and hence, are ready to take the beloved homeland forward in the right direction.

Such a day would be among the happiest of my life and and certainly allow me a sense of independence in its true sense.