Uzma Khan – Malik Riaz Settlement: 3 Things I Understand & 3 Things I Don’t

uzma khan settlement
Source: ProPakistani

According to the recent developments in the Uzma Khan case, it is being reported that a settlement might have taken place between both the parties.

The news surfaced on Monday, after which Uzma Khan’s legal counsel Khadija Siddiqi disassociated herself from the case.

Talking to a news outlet she said that her client was yet to confirm if any settlement had taken place at all. However, she just felt that it would be right to step aside from the case.

“My entire struggle has been against lawlessness and I want the law to be equal for everyone. I did not want this to go towards a settlement.”

Uzma Khan also released a statement but neither did she confirm nor did she deny the reports of the settlement that are making rounds on the internet.

As an average citizen, here are 3 things that I understand and 3 things that I don’t in case of a settlement between Uzma Khan and Malik Riaz’s family.

Things That Make Sense

1. In a country like Pakistan where the justice system is too fragile to hold the powerful accountable, it would’ve been challenging to fight against a business tycoon like Maik Riaz.

To give you a hint of what I’m talking about let’s take a look at this example.

News reports started to disappear after Malik Riaz’s name appeared in the case. If big shot media barons are too afraid to offend the real estate giant, I get why Uzma Khan wouldn’t want to mess with him.

2. It can take years for a case to complete all its judicial proceedings and even then there’s no guarantee for justice to be served.

A recent case in point could be that of Khadija Siddiqi herself. It took more than three years for the lawyer to have her assailant put behind the bars for good.

True, that she did eventually find justice but one can’t blame someone for not wanting to wage a battle that in all likability will leave them both financially and mentally drained.

3. Uzma Khan had safety concerns from the beginning. She repeatedly shared that she was receiving death threats.

And since she did not have any security provided by the authorities it seems sane to end the issue with a deal.

Things that I don’t understand!

1. It kills the purpose of the whole “fight for justice” that Uzma Khan initially demanded.

Uzma Khan repeatedly said that she would fight till the end to get justice against the powerful and that all she wanted was to defend her integrity. It goes without saying that “defending her integrity” would be a lost cause in the face of a settlement.

2. We won’t know who was right and who was wrong.

Many sided with Uzma while others defended Amina Malik. And after the settlement, no one’s story would deem valid and we will definitely not get the closure we had hoped to receive.

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3. Was it all drama, drama and more drama?

People who stood by Uzma are actually turning their backs and raising questions about her side of the story now that speculations of a deal have surfaced.

Yes, it is her decision to make but she should’ve considered that before appealing to millions of Pakistanis for their support. Can’t blame the awam for feeling a little cheated…

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