3 Challenges that Najam Sethi Must Overcome

Najam Sethi
Photo Courtesy: Dawn.com

As was expected Najam Sethi has been elected as the 32nd Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) yesterday by the Board of Governors. The 69 year old is already the Chairman of Pakistan Super League (PSL) and the fact that he was voted in as a result of a unanimous decision allows for him to further consolidate his position for the next few years.

It is no secret that the government’s support is a major factor behind Sethi’s victory and therefore, he will have one eye on the next general elections that will determine whether or not he is able to complete his 3 year term.

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To be fair Sethi’s role in the success of PSL has been instrumental and hence, he deserves every bit of credit for it. Still, for him to be successful in his new role as the Chairman PCB he will have to overcome a few challenges out of  which 3 most important have been listed below.

3. Managing the Boys Post ICC CT, 2017

When Pakistan won the world cup in 1992 the skipper Imran Khan eventually had to call it a day in order to avoid the embarrassment of facing a revolt from his own team mates. Younis Khan’s fate was no different when he was able to lead Pakistan to the victory stand in an ICC event nearly 17 years later.

Generally, following a huge victory owing to multiple reasons infighting becomes apparent in the dressing room. To stop history from repeating itself is going to be an uphill task for Sethi and a true test of his managerial ability.

2. Restructuring the Domestic Set-Up

There is no doubt that Pakistan’s domestic set-up requires restructuring since long still, chalking out a system that ensures inclusion as well as consent of both departments and regions has been a daunting task to say the least.

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Whether Sethi will be able to perform such a miracle or not will define how well he is able to manage the affairs of cricket in the country during his tenure.

1. Bringing International Cricket Back

Pakistan has suffered a lot owing to lack of international cricket in the country. Sethi hence, has to work to improve PCB’s relationship with other boards in the region to achieve the objective and hence, ensure a revival.

To cut the long story short, despite being in a strong position Sethi has a mountain to climb if he is to go down as one of the most competent governor to have held the office at PCB headquarters.