11 Signs That Your Crush Likes You Back!

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Have a huge crush on someone but don’t know if s/he likes you back? Have you been obsessing about finding out whether your crush shares your feelings without knowing how?!

Well, do not worry because we’re going to tell you about the ten most common things that people do when they like someone.

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If your crush is doing all – or most of these things – there’s a strong possibility that s/he has a crush on you too!

So, without launching into a lengthy intro, here are the eleven signs that your crush likes you back!

1. Makes Eye Contact When Talking to You


There’s almost always something brewing between two people when there’s long, unflinching eye contact!

If your crush often makes eye contact while talking to you, it’s a positive sign!

2. You Often Find Him/Her Stealing Glances at You


We all find other people staring blankly at us every now and then. Most of the times these people are just zoned out.

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But if you catch your crush stealing glances at you often, it’s probably not random.

Stay alert and observe if this is a pattern with the person you like.

3. Asks You a Lot of Personal Questions


When we like someone, it’s only natural for us to get to know them better.

So, if your crush keeps asking you personal questions – such as about family, your likes and dislikes, relationship status etc. – there’s a good chance that s/he is interested in you.

4. Laughs a Lot Around You


In those early days when a formal relationship has not even begun, just being in the company of the person that we like is enough to make us happy.

If that special person laughs a lot around you and especially on jokes that you make, there’s a good chance that you’re just as special for him/her as s/he is for you!

5. Finds Excuses to be Around


Does your crush find excuses to spend more time with you? For instance, offer to help in an assignment or plan an outing out of the blue?

Also, during group events, do you often find your crush sitting next to you?

Finding someone around a lot is one of the signs that your crush likes you back!

6. Sends Long Text Messages – Often!


If someone likes you they would definitely want to prolong a conversation as much as they can.

One way to to this is to send lengthy text messages that would keep the exchange alive between the two of you for longer than necessary.

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Next time you guys text, check to see if your crush keeps finding ways to keep the texts going!

7. Tells You About His/Her Personal Life


When we like someone, we automatically begin to feel safe with them and so, most people who like each other feel comfortable sharing personal details.

Does s/he often tell you about her/his routine, things that happened at home or at work etc.? If so, they definitely feel safe around you and might be developing romantic feelings.

8. Remembers Your Special Days


Most of us know when to wish someone on their birthday thanks to Facebook reminders. But does your crush also remember other dates that might be of importance to you, such as an impending result that you’re waiting for or another special date from your personal history?

Also, does your crush make an effort to be the first one to wish you?

If the answers to the above questions are in the affirmative, there’s a good chance that your crush is trying to tell you that s/he cares.

9. Goes Out of the Way to be Helpful


All good friends and colleagues are helpful. That’s just how good human beings are!

But if someone goes out of the way to be helpful and is willing to be physically present to support you even at the oddest of hours, that’s a little unusual, don’t you think?

You can either observe your crush’s pattern or put him/her to a little test by inventing a harmless “thing” that you need help with and see how s/he responds.

10. Feet Point Towards You When You Two Talk


Body language can give a lot away. Just as eye contact is one indicator of romantic feelings, the position of one’s body – more specifically feet – is another sign!

Next time you guys are talking while standing, observe if your crush’s feet are directly pointing towards you? Body language experts believe that feet will unconsciously point towards the direction that they want to go towards.

And so, if someone like you, there’s a good chance that s/he’s feet would often be pointing towards you when you two are talking!

11. Dilated Pupils is One of the Biggest Give-Always!


One of the most widely recognized body language signs to determine if someone likes you the size of their pupils when they’re interacting with you.

When we like someone, our pupils tend to dilate, i.e. enlarge. Next time you guys are talking, observe what’s going on with your crush’s pupils.

Also, please make sure that there is enough light otherwise the dilation could only be a response to the lack of light in your surrounding.


Even if your crush demonstrates ALL the signs above, it is no guarantee that s/he likes you. The best way to find out is of course to simply muster the guts and ask!

But if s/he says, “No,” always respect their answer and do not become pushy.