11 Effective Habits To Turn To If You’re Feeling Stressed Or Anxious

effective habits when stressed
Source: Help Guide

Majority of the people are either stressed or borderline depressed these days. The reason could be personal or professional and it becomes very difficult to get out of the messy situation. However, a change in lifestyle can be beneficial to overcome stress and anxiety.

Here are 11 effective habits to turn to if you are feeling stressed or anxious!

1. Exercise

YES! Moving those idle parts of the body can help a great deal. It will help you sleep better, boost your confidence and will lower your stress hormones.


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2. Change Your Diet

Healthy dieting is indeed a difficult habit to keep but taking a healthy diet will keep you fit as well as help with stress.


3. Use a Scent

The frequent use of scented candles and mild fragrance of perfumes can relax your mood and ease your mind. 


4. Start Writing and Reading

Both writing and reading works as mind therapy. On one hand, you gain knowledge and on the other hand your mind goes out of the stress zone.


5. Family and Friends

Allocate time for your family and friends on a daily basis. If in-person meetings aren’t possible then at least speak with them over the phone. Stay close to your loved ones.


6. Have a Laugh

Doesn’t matter if you want to keep a fun company or watch funny videos and memes. Try to laugh more to keep your mind in a happy place.


7. Music

Everyone loves music. So, if you have a playlist which you haven’t played in a bit then do so. Try opting for soothing music. Kenny G is a good suggestion for relaxation.


8. Get a Pet

If you are an animal lover then being with your pet in stressed times will help you. If you don’t have a pet then get one. Get a fish for a start.


9. Decrease Your Caffeine Intake

Caffeine contributes a lot in increasing stress and anxiety. Cut down your caffeine intake immediately and keep it that way.


10. Less Social Media

Your phone and the content you view is one of major causes of stress and anxiety. Cut down your time on social media and try to view happy content only.


11. Deep Breathing

Breathing exercise by taking deep breaths in a dark room with scented candles and soft music is the best therapy for stress and anxiety. Make it a must habit and you will feel a good change.


Do you know of any more effective habits to turn to when you’re stressed or anxious? Share in the comments below!