Friday, February 23, 2018


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Donald Trump

How Twitter Reacted to Trump and His Afghan Policy Announcement

President Donald Trump announced an updated Afghan policy today in which he has backtracked from his promise to quickly end US wars across the...
racial profiling PASHTUN QUESTION

I Have a Question: Are We Not Racially Profiling the Pushtuns?!

Continuing the sequence of my blog series, “I have a Question”, here I am standing baffled with a new set of questions to throw...

Citizen’s Rant: Entry 1 – New Wave of Terrorism in Pakistan

In the first part of Bolo Jawan's new podcast series, "Citizen's Rant," Ammar Zafarullah shares his feelings on the recent wave of terrorism in...
General Raheel Sharif

General Raheel Sharif – The Nation Salutes You!

I know this piece is coming a few months too late, given that General Raheel Sharif retired from his post as Pakistan's Chief of...
Malik Arshadvideo

This Police Officer’s Poem For APS Martyrs is Winning Hearts

Malik Arshad, a local police officer, recently posted a video of him in which, he is reciting a poem that he penned down as...
Following the attack in Quetta last evening and cricket win against West Indies this morning, these tweets summarize the mood in Pakistan today.

Pakistan Congratulates Team Green Amid Mourning Quetta Attack

In the wake of the Quetta Attack, Pakistanis - though immensely thankful - can't find the heart to celebrate the country's 2-0 win against West Indies...