All That is Wrong With This Viral Video

All That is Wrong With This Viral Video

Viral Video FC Guard slaps female journalis

Last evening a video where a FC guard slapped a female reporter went viral. While some people are sharing it to express their disbelief, other feel enraged – both entirely justified emotions.

There is absolutely no justification for violence and the incident just goes to highlight all that is wrong with the patriarchal mindset of our society. However, while the slap is the single most heinous aspect about the viral footage, it is NOT the only thing that’s wrong with it.

Below is a heavy-hearted analysis:

  1. The sanctity of journalism was compromised

The fact that the lady kept asking the camera person to “expose” the “rude” guard’s face exemplified all that is wrong with current journalistic practices.

  1. She had no business grabbing the guy from the shirt

The lady was on an assignment and while the guard must have done something to provoke her, she had no business grabbing him by the shirt. It was wrong. Period.

  1. The apathy of the on-lookers

The crowd just stood there when the screaming started. They stared on when the guard raised his hand on a woman. They stood still in the aftermath. If no one in that crowd of almost 100 people cared about what was going on, why were they gathered there at all?!

  1. The slap itself

More than the slap, it was the comfort with which the guard raised his hand that was disturbing. No matter how provoked someone is, violence is not the answer! There are a hundred different ways in which the guard could have redeemed his situation: he could have screamed back; he could have faced the camera and voice his grievance; he could have walked away swiftly or complained to a superior. However, of all the available options he chose to do the one thing that should NOT have been an option at all – he chose to hit a woman. This is a disturbing example of how men continue to choose violence as the most viable way to conclude an argument with a female.