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Time To Show The World How Random Your Knowledge Is


Which element of the periodic table is named after the sun?

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What is the technical name for the hashtag symbol?

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What is the capital of China?

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Where in the body is blood produced?

Red blood cells animated
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How can you tell how old a tree is?

Oak Tree
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What does GPU stand for?

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What is the name of the powerhouse of the cell?

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Which of the following can’t be represented with a Roman numeral?

Roman Numerals
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When did the website "Facebook" launch?

Facebook Logo
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True or False? The word "news" originates from the first letters of the 4 main directions on a compass (North, East, West, South).

Compass Animated
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Time To Show The World How Random Your Knowledge Is
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You need to try harder and keep working on that brain of yours. You will get there one day, you need to keep practicing.
You did alright.


You passed the test with a pretty good score! But there is still room for improvement. Better luck next time!


You answered the majority of these questions correctly, which is fantastic. You worked hard and it paid off with this amazing result!


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