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This Random Knowledge Quiz Will Determine If You’ve Been Attentive In Your Online Classes


What is the powerhouse of the cell?

Mitochondria Thought Co
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How many planets are in the Solar System?

Sun B&H
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What does AMU stand for?

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What year did WW1 end?

World War 1 Duke Today
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Where is Mount Everest?

mount everest CNN
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How many sides does a hexagon have?

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There's a volcano on Mars THREE TIMES the size of Mount Everest. True of false?

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What does 'DNA' stand for?

DNA Britannica
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What is the symbol for Lead?

Lead Wikipedia
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What is an 'exoskeleton'?

Animal Skeleton Random Word Generator
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This Random Knowledge Quiz Will Determine If You've Been Attentive In Your Online Classes
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Unfortunately, you failed the quiz. Did you even attend any of your online classes because looking at your score I don't think you have? Open your system and catch-up on your classes right now!
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Good Job

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Congratulations! You have been paying a lot of attention to your online classes and are likely to finish at the top of your class. Keep up the good work!