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This Fun Quiz Will Cure All Your Boredom In A Matter Of Seconds


How many hearts does an octopus have?

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What is the national sport of Japan?

Beautiful Cities
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Which is the only body part that is fully-grown from birth?

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What is a group of cows called?

Calf (Baby Cow)
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Which country has the most islands?

Island Continent
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How many dots appear on a pair of dice?

Pair of dice
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What is acrophobia a fear of?

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What is the capital of Ireland?

Ireland flag
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What phone company produced the 3310?

Nokia 3310
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What planet is closest to the sun?

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This Fun Quiz Will Cure All Your Boredom In A Matter Of Seconds

Game Over

Not bad, I am sure you did your best but let's face it, it wasn't your best day. It is time to open your workbooks and start practicing your random knowledge.
You did alright!


I realize some of these questions were difficult to answer, but come on! You can do it! I believe you were too distracted by Pakistan losing against Australia in the T20.


There are three possibilities, either you’re a genius, you paid close attention to your classes, or you have google open in the background. Anyways, you did a great job!


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