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These 10 Questions Will Reveal If You’re Ramazan Ready Or Not


How many times a day do you eat?

Pick a drink.

Glass of water

What do you prefer to have in Sehri?


What do you prefer to have in Iftar?


Which of these would you eat first on Iftar?

Glass of water
Desi Food

Pick a dessert to have after Iftar.

Which part do you like about Ramazan more?

Have you ever tried dieting before?

Are you excited to celebrate Eid-al-Fitr?

Eid AstroTalk

Do you think you're Ramazan Ready?

Are You Ramazan Ready Deen Soul

These 10 Questions Will Reveal If You're Ramazan Ready Or Not
You are Ramazan Ready

Man Praying

When I say, "You're Ramazan ready," I mean it! You're already well-prepared for this amazing journey and I'm sure you'll enjoy every second of the Holy Month.
You are not Ramadan Ready

Man Praying

I don't think you're Ramazan ready at all! But there's no reason to fret. People do quickly adapt to the new routine once the Holy Month begins and I'm sure you will too!