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Prepare Dinner For Two And We’ll Give You A Pakistani Celebrity To Have It With


To start off, what would you like to drink?

Glass of water
Cold Drinks
Green Tea

Next, what type of bread would you like?


Choose a salad!

Caesar Salad
Rice and Pasta Salad
Simple House Salad
Fruit Salad

Which soup would you like to have?

Tomato Soup
Chicken Corn Soup
Hot and Sour Soup

Hope you're not hungry. Pick a starter.

Garlic Bread
French Fries

Pick the main dish.

Tell Us A Bunch Of Random Things About Yourself And We'll Guess What Your Favorite Dish Is

Last and not the least. What's for dessert?

Gajar Ka Halwa (Gajrela)
Zarda (Sweet Rice)

Prepare Dinner For Two And We'll Give You A Pakistani Celebrity To Have It With
You got Fawad Khan.

Congratulations!!! You are having Fawad Khan over for dinner. I would not recommend having anyone else over, because you know Fawad Khan doesn't like to be around too many people!
You got Iqra Aziz.

Iqra Aziz

Congratulations!!! You are having Iqra Aziz over for dinner. She's the fun, loud and chirpy one, so be ready for an amazing dinner!
You got Hamza Abbasi

Congratulations!!! You are having Hamza Abbasi over for dinner. If you're into philosophy, this is your guy to have those long conversations with!
You got Ayeza Khan.

Ayeza Khan

Congratulations!!! You are having Ayeza Khan over for dinner. She's smart and mature so, I'm sure you guys will have a lot to talk about!