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Play This Or That & We’ll Tell You What Type Of Friend You Are


Do you have a snapstreak with your friends?

pakistani celebrities snapchat

How do you talk to your BFF?

sana javed phone

Where would you want to go with your friends?

ayesha omar ainy jafri sanam saeed

Would you guys rather:

You and your friends are bored. What would you do?

farhan saeed iqra aziz

Would you rather go for a long walk or a long drive with your buddies?

women driving car cheekh

This or that?

behroze sabzwari javed sheikh

Play This Or That & We'll Tell You What Type Of Friend You Are
A bit distant!
You have several good friends that you know for a very long time. You are sort of a reserved person that sometimes comes in the way of your friendship. But when an old friend tries to make a contact, you make sure you're available!
The wise friend!
You know how to carefully handle each and every situation. Your friends run to you for advice whenever they run into a problem.
The outgoing friend!
You're the friend who is always ready to go out and have party, be it after office or on the weekend!

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