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Plan A Sleepover With Your Friends & We’ll Give You A Movie To Watch


Pick a room to have it in:

urwa mawra hocane alizeh gabol

Let's start the night with dinner:

fahad mustafa

Let's pick some snacks for the night:


What game will you guys be playing for the night?

sleepover games

What is everybody wearing?

maya ali

What's the theme for the decor?

sleepover decor

Finally, let's bake something together:

Plan A Sleepover With Your Friends & We'll Give You A Movie To Watch
Pinky Memsaab

pinky memsaab

If you wanna watch something new then go for Pinky Memsaab on Netflix. Many of your friends might not have even heard about it.

bol movie

All of you might have watched it several times but not while jamming together on the amazing songs that the movie has!
Ho Mann Jahaan

ho mann jahan

Ah fun, fun and fun! Watch Ho Mann Jahaan and you guys might end up in a pillow fight before even making it to the intermission.
Actor In Law

actor in law

Actor in Law is quite a different and a good watch. The fun arguments that Fahad Mustafa makes as a lawyer will leave you rolling.

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