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Plan A Self Care Day & We’ll Tell What % Slacker Are You


What time are you waking up?

Sleeping Myths mahira khan sleeping

What's the first self care activity of the day?

sarwat gilani

What's in your cup?

fawad khan

What's for the next activity?

mawra hocane

Let's eat something:

feroze khan

Choose an essential oil:

essential oils

Another activity for the evening?

mahira khan

Finally, what time are you going to sleep?

hira mani sleeping

Plan A Self Care Day & We'll Tell What % Slacker Are You
You love yourself but sleep is more important to you than anything else. What's better than a good nap, right?
You don't like putting in a lot of effort whenever you get some free time. Youlove treating yourself to a cup of tea and a good walk.
You plan your day with a balance of fun activities paired with some grooming activities as well. But sometimes pizza is more important than a bowl of salad 😉
You love spending your weekends treating yourself and taking the load off your shoulders. You treat yourself like a royal and put in all the effort to make the most of the day.