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Just Answer These Random Questions & We’ll Reveal If You’re A Hero Or A Villain


You propose your crush and they say no. What are you gonna do?

Your favorite drama channel:

ARY Digital
hum tv
har pal geo

How's your social life?

prem gali

What's your favorite thing to do on the weekend?

muhabbat tujhey alvida

How would your friends describe you?

popular kids at university ehd-e-wafa

What is your favorite season?


What's your worst fear?

Pick your wedding menu:

Just Answer These Random Questions & We'll Reveal If You're A Hero Or A Villain

yaqeen ka safar

You're the hero of the story, everyone roots for! You always try to do the right thing, and are always hard on yourself. You want to be a perfectionist and overthink all the wrong decisions in life. But it's okay to be wrong sometimes. That's how you get through life!

pakistani drama villains

You just love yourself and don't care about the ules. You do what you think is right and might end up hurting someone. People don't understand you and you just hate that!