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In Case You Aren’t Very Sure, You Might Become The PM Of Pakistan If You Ace This Quiz


What are the official language(s) of Pakistan?

Pakistani Languages
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What percent of Pakistan’s population is literate?

Pakistan Population
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What does the name Pakistan mean?

Pakistani Flag
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Which continent is Pakistan located?

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How big is Pakistan’s active military?

Pakistan Military
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What is Pakistan’s national sport?

Mahoor Shahzad olympics
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Where is K2?

K2 mountain
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What was the original capital of Pakistan?

Pakistan Flag
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When did Bangladesh split from Pakistan?

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Who led the push for the creation of an independent Pakistan and is considered the founder of the nation?

Pakistan Independence
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In Case You Aren't Very Sure, You Might Become The PM Of Pakistan If You Ace This Quiz
It's not looking good for you!

Pakistani You Failed

You don't really know a great deal about Pakistan, now do you? With the right connections, you might still be able to become the Prime Minister one day, but God knows you won't be a good one!
You can become the Prime Minister of Pakistan!

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You aced the quiz! you know a whole lot about Pakistan and have enough working knowledge to make yourself up the political ladder! Good luck on your journey.