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If You Ace This Week’s General Knowledge Quiz, There’s Hope For You


Let's start with something simple. The sun is...

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Which two Pakistanis have won the Nobel Prize?

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The semi-final of the 1992 Cricket World Cup was between Pakistan and which other country?

Basit Ali Imran Khan Javed Miandad, facts about pm
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Mark the correct definition of Osmosis.

Science Geek
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Which book was NOT written by Dan Brown.

Dan Brown
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Tea is believed to have originated from...

green tea
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Who among these was NOT a physicist?

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Name the largest ocean.

Ocean Plane
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Which Pakistani city is famous for its production of football?

Football made in Pakistan
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_________ is the scientific study of the mind and behavior.

Mental health pakistan
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If You Ace This Week's General Knowledge Quiz, There's Hope For You
Major thumbs down!
Darling, you're either having a bad day or you really didn't pay much attention in class. In either case, this is a wake-up call: LEARN AT LEAST A LITTLE MORE ABOUT THE WORLD YOU LIVE IN!
Sure, you're not a complete dud but tell me honestly, is that good enough? Do some reading in your spare time
Pretty good!
Very nice! But there are still some things you can learn about. Go down a Wikipedia rabbit hole whenever you can to polish your raw ends.
Standing ovation!
This wasn't really a very tough quiz but some questions were definitely tricky. You're basically brilliant for getting a neat 10/10!