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Do You Think You Can Finish These Vital Signs Songs Lyrics


Main tumharay _____ Tum mere paas ho Aur kuch ho na ho Bus yeh ehsas ho

Vital Sign Tribune
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Urte hon, kahin jugnoon Ke bethi ____ kaheen Dekho to hanseen hai ye Na dekho to kuch bhi nahin

Vital Signs Musicians of Pakistan
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Kya huwa agar zindagee Zara bhoulsey gayey socho to zara Jungulon mein bhee ____ to hain Humey bhee koyee milhee jayey ga Chalo to sahee, chalo to sahee

Vital Signs Wikipedia
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dil dil pakistan, ___ ___ pakistan dil dil pakistan, ___ ___ pakistan

Vital Signs AAJ TV
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Jo Bhi Tod Ke Chale Jaate Hain Une _____ Kaise Ati Hogi

Vital Signs Lyric Tashan
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Ankhon Se Ankhon Ka _____ Toote Bhi To Sath Dekhe Hue Khwab Marte Nahin

Vital Signs Lyrics Bogie
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Yeh _____ phir nahee ayegi Yeh _____ phir nahee ayegi Iss shaam ko, iss saath ko aao Amar karlain, amar karlain

Vital Sign Tribune
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Do You Think You Can Finish These Vital Signs Songs Lyrics
You Failed

Justin Bieber

So basically, you're that person who thinks Vital Signs songs are not cool and would rather listen to Justin Bieber. I can bet Dil Dil Pakistan was stuck in your head for a long time, but you don't wanna admit it!
You Passed!

Vital Signs

Oh, don't tell me you haven't jammed to Aitebar with your friends ever in your life? Or did you, but you never really bothered listening to its lyrics? Because then, you would've surely aced this one.
You Aced It!

Vital Sign

Oooh, looks like we've found someone who swears by Vital Signs! I am truly impressed! How did you manage to get all those lyrics right? With that kind of memory, I believe you listened to "Un ka Khayal" as a lullaby. Ahem, Ahem!