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Bake A Cupcake We’ll Tell You Which TypeOf Tea You Are!


What flavor will your cupcakes be?

vanilla cupcake
chocolate cupcake
strawberry cupcakes

Time for frosting:


Choose a cupcake cup to put your piece of art in:

cupcake cup
cupcake cup
cupcake cup
cupcake cup

Time to decorate it:

fondant cupcake
buttercream cupcakes

Who are you sharing your cupcakes with?

What are you serving it with?

Bake A Cupcake We'll Tell You Which TypeOf Tea You Are!
Green Tea

Green Tea

You're just like green tea! You've a glowing, super healthy personality. You act as an antioxidant for your friends.
Black Tea

black tea

You're black tea! People really love you. Like the caffeine in black tea, your energy is always at a high.


You are very sweet and are a favorite of everybody. You always brighten up other peoples' day by just being there.
Pink Tea

pink tea kashmiri chai

You're Pink tea! You're cute, caring and always ready to help others. Just like pink tea, your personality is rich in all the good characteristics.

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