How To Motivate Yourself To Go Back To Work Post Eid Holidays!

Work Post Eid Holidays fawad khan working from home
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Going back to work post Eid holidays is always a task, especially if the rest of the family doesn’t have to. The idea of going back to the grind starts haunting you a day prior to joining the office and nothing helps you in killing these blues. If you are going through the same at the moment, then this is for you! Here’s why you should feel motivated to go to work post Eid holidays!

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To Earn A Living!

Money should be the foremost reason why you must return to work. That’s the only thing that lets you afford holidays in the first place. So, do it one more time for the sake of that bonus, that promised promotion and other good things that come with your job!

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To Escape The After-Eid CleanUp!

There’s always a lot of mess to clean up after Eid due to parties and gatherings. If going to work means exemption from this tiring tasks then why NOT! In fact, one should feel more motivated than before to join office in such case!

All Play And No Work Makes Jack A Dull Boy!

A moderate lifestyle is a key to good health and success. Excess of both, work & play, can turn out to be harmful for a person’s health and wealth. You should be all ready to go back to work post Eid holidays because if you don’t then there’ll come a day when you will get tired of vacations and that’s when you will understand the value of a job; at least that what you need to tell yourself to feel encouraged to resume your work.

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If none of these and other methods help you in motivating to go back to work, then you need to dig deeper and see what is it that’s bothering you at your workplace. Some questions are unanswerable without getting to the bottom of the problem!