3 Reasons Why Cricket Is The Only Popular Sport In Pakistan

Why Cricket Is The Only Popular Sport In Pakistan
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No sport in Pakistan has managed to be as popular among the masses as cricket is. So, here is a look at 3 reasons why cricket is the only popular sport in Pakistan and other sports in the country have not been able to shine the same way.

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1. Involvement of Sponsors

From cola companies to housing schemes, there is no dearth of sponsors when it comes to cricket. The involvement of sponsors and the opportunity to make money hence, attracts young audience from around the country.

Little or no money making opportunities in other sports result in discouraging youngsters who then more often than not avoid pursuing a career in any sport other than cricket.

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2. Limited Involvement of the Government
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Cricket is the only sport in the country where government involvement is somewhat limited. Hence, it is about time that a mechanism is developed that allows other sports this breathing space from politics that originates because of the involvement of government institutions.

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3. They Win!
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The more often you win the more often people will want to watch you. This then makes way for sponsors and money earning opportunities. Other sports then are in need of icons who are capable of pulling miraculous performances on a consistent basis and competent administrators who are capable of making use of such opportunities and pulling sponsors.

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