Urwa Hocane And Farhan Saeed Call It Quits Making Their Fans Upset

Urwa and Farhan Separated
Image Source: Bol News

According to reports celebrated couple Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed have separated their ways, ending their four-year-long marriage.

After years of dating, Farhan arranged a dreamy proposal for beau Urwa under the Eiffel tower, where the two got engaged.

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The duo got married in an intimate Nikkah ceremony on 16th December,2016 at Badshahi Mosque, Lahore.

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While the couple has made no official statement, the rumor mill is in full flow that the couple has amicably parted ways. Reportedly, reason for separation is  “mounting tension and irreconcilable differences.”

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Their fans have still not digested the news well and are hoping for the news to be untrue. They want the couple to make an official announcement.

The news of Urwa and Farhan being separated, allegedely, has left the fans heartbroken


Many of them believe 2020 is to be blamed for this knowing many couples parted ways this year and how can we forget the novel coronavirus.


Fans believe that social media pictures are all a faƧade, the dream proposals and grand weddings are not literal goals, and we never really know what one is going through in their personal lives.

The distraught fans have prayed for the couple to make this easy for them.


Not so long ago, in an interview, Urwa was heard saying if her husband would want to marry again, she would not go to stop the wedding. While the two are still following each other on Instagram, we’ll have to wait for them to make an make an official announcement and stop the social media from further buzzing about this news.

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