The Story Of Shafiq Masih Will Teach You What Real Resilience Actually Means!

shafiq masih video
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A few days ago, the story of Shafiq Masih, a sanitory worker belonging to the Christian minority community based in Lahore went viral – and for good reason!

In the soul-stirring video posted by Urdu News, Shafiq narrates his story of financial hardship and how he overcame it with sheer hard work.

“My son once

He says he is not ashamed of his work of cleaning the sewer and unfolds how hard it can get sometimes to keep body and soul together in only Rs. 13,000 a month.

Throughout the video Masih shares his fight against poverty and how he holds his family firm no matter what comes their way.

At one point, Shafiq broke down in tears narrating a story that can reduce any heart to tears:

“My son and I were going somewhere on my cycle. We were passing a place when he saw a man selling laddoos and said, ‘Baba, I’m hungry. I want to eat luddu.’ I asked the man how much one luddu would cost and he replied, ’15 rupees.’ I had 20 rupees from which I bought my son one luddoo. After he had finished eating it he asked me to buy him another one but I did not have enough money to buy him a second luddoo.”

With hard work and perseverance Shafiq has overcome those days of abject poverty and it is truly inspirational how gratitude and humbleness remain Shafiq’s strong traits.

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Watch this video to hear Shafiq Masih’s heartfelt story!

After Shafiq’s video came to light, people were quick to acknowledge his efforts and to honour him.

Jibran Nasir, activist and lawyer, said that we should be proud of such diligent people!

Sana Riaz, a social activist and citizen journalist shared Shafiq’s video saying that he was better than most of us.

This girl appreciated Shafiq’s efforts by calling him a “Superhero.”

People are sending love Shafiq’s way, comparing with the current lot of the country’s political elite.

Shafiq’s video in an inspiration for all of us to be grateful with whatever we have and keep striving to make things better!

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