Pakistani Innovators, Zainulabadin Mughal & Muhammad Sharjeel Launch WeRead App To Provide Free Books To Poor Students!

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We all have books from our school and university days that have been lying around for years, gathering dust. While they might not be of any use to us anymore, many underprivileged students might be struggling to afford them.

Two young Pakistani innovators, Muhammad Zainulabadin Mughal and Sheikh Muhammad Sharjeel recently launched an app after which no student would ever have to worry about affording an expensive course book, ever again!

Find, get and share the books you love on WeRead!

WeRead is a tremendous platform where the end-user can find books related to virtually any and every category.

From academic text books on various subjects including Maths, Science, History, Music and Literature to novels and comics, WeRead is a book-sharing platform where users can either put their unused books up for donation or on sale for very nominal prices.

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At the same time, users can also search for the books that they need, connect with the donor/seller and receive the book directly from them!

Let’s take a deep dive into the WeRead!

What to do if you want to giveaway a book?

If you have a book or a number of books that you want to share or donate, you can just login to WeRead and add that book in the respective category.

You can then enlist whether you want to donate the book(s) for free or give it away for a nominal price. It’s entirely your choice!

How to find books?

While creating your account on the app, you will be asked to identify the categories of books that you want to find.

Once the categories have been identified, you can search for books on the app. The search can be carried out both through the author’s name or the name of the book itself.


After you hit the “search” button, a list of all those users who are willing to donate/sell your desired book will appear on the screen.

The list of people in possession of the book that you’re seeking will be sorted according to the distance that they are from you. This way you will always know how far a given book-owner is from your location and then accordingly coordinate with the nearest person to get that book! Really simple, no?!


What led Muhammad Zainulabadin Mughal and Sheikh Muhammad Sharjeel to create the app?

Even though, reading books seems to be declining thanks to technology, innovators, Muhammad Zainulabadin Mughal and Sheikh Muhammad Sharjeel want to change this through their app. On one hand, they want to encourage the resurgence of a culture of reading and on the other hand, help underprivileged students access course books without having to worry about money!

“Our motivation to launch this app came from Donalyn Miller, who once said, ‘You are not done with a book until you pass it on to another reader.’”

– Muhammad Zainulabadin Mughal and Sheikh Muhammad Sharjeel

WeRead is available on both iOS and Android platforms. Download it NOW to find, get and share books!