Jokes Aside, What’s The Connection Between Jemima Goldsmith & WikiLeaks Founder, Julian Assange?

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Jemima Goldsmith, PM Imran Khan’s former first wife and documentary producer, once again became a part of Pakistani news when JUI-F’s Mufti Kifayatullah claimed that ‘Wiki’ from WikiLeaks was a reference to one of her cousins!

Mufti Kifayatullah was invited as a guest on a private TV channel to talk about Azadi March.

“Imran Khan, Jemima, the Goldsmith family, Henry Kissinger and WikiLeaks are pieces of the same agenda. Wiki of Wikileaks is cousin of Jemima Goldsmith and that the leak [regarding Fazlur Rehman] was part of vested agenda.”

-Mufti Kifayatullah

WikiLeaks & Maulana Fazlur Rehman

A 2004 WikiLeaks report alleged that Maulana Fazlur Rehman was involved in funding propaganda and assassinations.

The report says, “The leader was paying unidentified individuals in Lashkar Gah, Helmand, Afghanistan, to distribute propaganda in a letter/note form.”

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The propaganda being spread was against countries involved in the Afghan war and came with a monetary incentive. “The propaganda mentions how host nation commanders that work with US forces, are the same as Americans; therefore, they should die.  Each letter offers an unspecified amount of money for the death of host nation commanders and Americans.”

Jemima responded to it in a hilarious way after a Pakistani citizen tagged her in the video clip of the interview.

Jemima Goldmsith & WikiLeaks connection resulted in lots of memes on Pakistani internet.

Even stage actor ” Naseem Vicky” got dragged in the meme game.

The connection between Jemima Goldmsith & Julian Assange

Jemima was a close supporter of Julian Assange and even stood bail for him while he fought extradition to Sweden on sexual assault. Two women accused Julian of sexual assault in 2010.

As reported in The Independent in 2013, speaking on her equation with Assange, Jemima had said, “I don’t regret putting up bail money for Assange. I did it so that he would be released while awaiting trial, not so that he could avoid answering to the allegations.”

In the same article, she had also distanced herself from Julain, saying, “The problem is that WikiLeaks – whose mission statement was to produce…a more just society…based upon truth” – has been guilty of the same obfuscation and misinformation as those it sought to expose, while its supporters are expected to follow, unquestioningly, in blinkered, cultish devotion.”

Jemima was also the executive producer of the documentary about Julian Assange, “WikiLeaks, We Steal Secrets.”

All said, Goldsmith might have been a supporter of the WikiLeaks founder but in no parallel universe were the two ever related.