If You’re Also Confused, Here’s A Breakdown Of What Transpired Between Hania Aamir & Asim Azhar

Hania Asim
Image Source: Daily Times

A lot has happened between ex-lovers, Hania Aamir and Asim Azhar, which has confused many social media users. If you’re also one of those, here’s a breakdown of what has transpired between the two.

The Anaa actor took to Instagram to share the existing misogyny in our society, and the kinds of harassment a woman has to deal with on a daily basis. Teary-eyed, she wrote how Aamir survived “in a misogynist world where double standards have power over innocence.”

Basically, with this post, Aamir was trying to shed light on the incident that she encountered during a live video. She was on a live call with one of her followers, who ejaculated on her photo during the session. The rising star was completely taken aback by the disgusting act, and that is why she put up a heartbroken post.

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However, what followed after actually sparked a controversy between her and her ex. Apparently, Azhar tweeted a meme that suggested he had a lucky escape.

Seeing this, the Ishqiya actor couldn’t hold back her anger, and she called Azhar out for having no dignity.

As these events occurred, social media users started directing their hate towards Azhar for his lack of empathy. The singer who had had enough of the social media backlash, put up a detailed explanation of all that had happened in the past 1.5 year, when the two officially broke up.

He believed that even then, most of the hate was directed towards him and he was painted as the bad guy in the situation. Azhar said that despite all the backlash, he kept mum, but now he has had enough of this and would like to clear things from his end, too.

Also, whatever happening is sad, I hope everybody learns from this, he ended his post in a positive manner.

Apparently, this hasn’t gone down well with Hania as she has hit Asim back with yet another post, although she hasn’t named anyone in her post.

She’s called out the perpetrators who go around harassing and bullying women, and those who try to incite hate by not calling them out. Aamir feels they are equally a part of the problem.

Let’s see what happens next between the two of them, and how this all settles down.