If The State Had Taken Timely Action In Kasur, Another Child Pornography Gang Wouldn’t Have Surfaced In Faisalabad

child sexual abuse Faisalabad
Image Source: The Daily Star

After Kasur, another major child pornography case has come to light in Faisalabad.

What happened?

According to police officials, a gang of young men in Chak 222 Samundri area of Faisalabad is behind the sexual assault of boys. The gang recorded their heinous crime in the form of pictures and videos. Police have registered a FIR against the three men.

Villagers of Chak 222 alleged that more than 30 children were made victims of sexual abuse by the gang and this was going on for about a year.

The families of the children were threatened with the videos and photos.

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How did the Faisalabad child pornography case come to light?

The villagers told the police that they came to know about it when the computer of one of the culprits malfunctioned. He took it to a local shop and the shop owner discovered the videos and pictures.

After that, one citizen complained about the alleged culprits to the police. According to police officials they have caught one culprit and are on the lookout for the other two.

Is police really serious about the investigation?

The villagers are saying that the officials investigating the case are trying to sweep the case under the carpet.

Police caught the gang leader but released him on provisional bail.

The investigation officer Faiz said regarding the case said,

“The police have failed to provide justice to the people. The entire responsibility of ensuring justice has fallen into the hands of the media.”

Is PTI government taking any concrete measures?

One of the victims of Kasur child pornography scandal recently lashed out at the government for not providing justice to the victims.

He posted a video on social media lamenting government’s lack of seriousness regarding the issue of child sexual abuse.

“At least 25 FIRs were registered (in Kasur child pornography case), but only three to the four accused were convicted in two cases.”

He also said that PM Imran Khan promised justice for the victims of Kasur child sexual abuse scandal, “However, nothing was done for the victims.”

Imran Khan’s tweets

On September 18, Imran Khan tweeted that there would be accountability of all involved in the Kasur incident. He mentioned that Divisional Police Officer (DPO) Kasur would be removed and Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) and Station House Officer (SHO) would be suspended.

While the police officials were suspended, the PM has failed to mention the precise steps that his government would take to provide justice to the victims and to curb the incidents of child sexual abuse in Pakistan.