High Court Acquitted Khadija Siddiqui’s Stabber & Pakistanis Want Justice!

Khadija Siddqui
Source: Daily Times

The Lahore High Court today acquitted Shah Hussain, the man who had been charged for stabbing Khadija Siddiqui at least 23 times in July 2017. The attack had taken place at Davis Road, Lahore.

The lower court had earlier sentenced Hussain to five years in prison. Many at the time had found the judgement lenient for a crime so heinous.

However, after today’s acquittal, Pakistanis are in a state of shocked rage.

Within hours of the judgement, #JusticeForKhadija stood as the top Twitter trend in the country.

Shah Hussain might have garnered respite, however furious Twitterati want his face to become an emblem of all that is evil.

Many had believed that the presence of DNA ensured a fool proof case against Shah Hussain and in favour of Khadija Siddiqui. Today’s judgment was then a rude shock.


Needless to say, the criticism on the justice system is scathing!


The stabbing of Khadija Siddiqui was, among other things also a  clear form of gender based violence. Societal power dynamics had automatically placed Khadija at a disadvantage, simply because she is a woman.


As heart-breaking as today’s judgment by Lahore High Court has been, Khadija is in no mood to give-up. 

I would say a whole lot of encouraging things to buck-up the determination of this brave Pakistani daughter but honestly, I’m choking with frustrated tears.

Our daughters deserve better and the system will have to bend to protect them or we have no use for it!