Boycott Tomatoes If You Want Cheap Tomatoes In Pakistan!

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Source: Pakistan Today

Who doesn’t remember the comment by Dr. Hafeez Sheikh, Imran Khan’s finance advisor, last week that tomatoes were being sold at Rs 17/kg in Karachi, the most populous city in Pakistan?

And just in case you don’t, watch this video!

To date, no one has found that place in the most populated city!

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People are boycotting tomatoes since they are not being sold at Rs.17/kg. Instead their price has increased by leaps and bounds to hit Rs.300/kg!

It’s been more than two weeks now that the price of tomatoes has been inflating and Twitterati think the only solution to bring down this upsurge is to boycott tomatoes.

Yogurt serves as a good substitute for tomatoes!

And people are proposing to use yogurt instead of tomatoes to cook their meals.

Well, you should also start thinking to grow tomatoes in your home as they are on the verge of becoming a luxury for Pakistanis.

Free organic tomatoes at your home and the next time you go grocery shopping you can simply ignore tomatoes!

 This girl is even offering help to those interested in growing their own tomatoes!

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Or all you can do is just wait until the supply and demand curve is balanced out and prices go down!

Well, the government never goes unattended! And people are calling them out for doing nothing about the increased prices of tomatoes.

And obviously how can Pakistanis not make memes on this situation!

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