Ali Zafar Is Suing Twitter Accounts & We’re Thinking Seriously?!

Review Of Teefa In Trouble | Ali Zafar is suing Twitter
Image Source: Desi Blitz | Ali Zafar is suing Twitter

An entire year after Meesha Shafi first came out with allegations of sexual harassment against Ali Zafar, the battle has finally gone public.

While both Shafi and Zafar had taken to their respective Twitter accounts to allege and deny respectively last year, it wasn’t until last week that the two came in front of the media to answer some hard questions.

Ali Zafar was the first to make television appearances, talking at length about the allegations of sexual misconduct against him. His famous breakdown in front of the camera was national news.

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Shortly after Ali Zafar’s interview, Meesha Shafi appeared on Shahzen Khanzada’s show and won a lot of love for her eloquence and composure.

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Khanzada too, received thumbs up from Pakistani Twitter for what people found to be a remarkably balanced and objective program.

In the latest twist to this sordid tale, Ali Zafar is suing Twitter accounts that he alleges ran a campaign to malign him and his film, Teefa in Trouble.

I’m no lawyer but given that the tweets that Zafar has highlighted do not incite violence, it has hard to understand the grounds for “criminal procedure.”

I mean the tweets doesn’t even qualify as slander! Going by Ali’s logic it seems voicing a simple opinion is liable to legal action and we hope the courts will not set a precedent that can limit people’s ability to speak and express their opinons freely.