5 Must Do Things To Prepare For The Upcoming Heat Wave In Pakistan

mahira khan

As overwhelming and pleasant the end of Winter was in Pakistan, the summer has turned out to be tougher than we all hoped for. With the temperature already crossing 40 degrees in most of the cities, it’s best that we prepare ourselves from getting harmed from the upcoming (even harsher) heat wave in Pakistan.

Stay Hydrated


Staying hydrated is obviously on the top of the list. Whether at home or outside, our water intake shouldn’t decrease. If your body sweats abnormally then take liquids accordingly. Besides water, lemonades are a good source of regaining essentials minerals.

Also, keep a strong check on your water resource. Avoid drinking tap or unfiltered water as water gets easily contaminated in summer.

Stay Away from the Sun


Avoid going in direct sun unless it is completely necessary. This is especially important for those who have any medical condition relating to kidneys or generally don’t have the tendency to tolerate high temperatures.

Avoiding the sun means you won’t sweat a lot and will be protected from other complications it may create.

If you must go out in the day time, cover your head with a cap/ hat or whatever you are comfortable with.

Suit Up Against Mosquitoes


Over the last few years, Pakistan has been facing Dengue out-break during Summers. The situation is pretty much under control now but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Use the various products available in the market to repel mosquitoes inside your homes and offices. Ensure, you don’t get close to still water. Morning and evening times are said to the most critical, ensure you put on mosquito repellent lotions/cream to stay safe.

Learn to Give First Aid


Being able to provide first aid to someone in a critical condition is a skill we should all have.

Given the harshness of Pakistan Summers, we all come across people affected by heat strokes; some even losing their lives.

If we are able to provide first aid, we will be in a much better position to help the people close to us if a health emergency arises because of the hot weather.

Help Others


It is very common for households to have the underprivileged at the door asking for ice. Since, we get chilled water through our fridges and dispensers, there are many who can’t afford the luxury.

Remember to keep an icebox in your refrigerator for those who are in need. Also, if possible, we can distribute water bottles to people who do labor in the sun or are out at the day time.

We wish you all a safe summer! Remember, we must not only protect ourselves but help others too!