3 Times Fawad Rana Won Us Over With His Big Heart


There are very few people in the public sphere who manage to not only make a name for themselves but in the process also send out a vibe so positive that one is forced to smile just at their mere sight! Among those few is Fawad Rana, the owner of Pakistan Super League’s Lahore Qalandars. Known for his entertaining antics to celebrate the game of cricket, Fawad Rana is not just another rich man, he is a man with a rich heart!

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While Fawad Rana has given Pakistanis and cricket fans across the globe reasons to smile, here’s a look at 3 of his most loved appearances.

When Fawad Rana Brought Gangnam Style to PSL

Fawad Rana

Just when we thought Gangnam Style was old news, Fawad Rana broke the internet with his dance moves. In this video that went viral, Rana can be seen doing the Gangnam Style during a match off between his team, Lahore Qalandars and Karachi Kings.

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When He Gave the Term “Zinda Dil” a Whole New Meaning

Lahore is known as the City of the Lively-hearted (i.e. Zinda Dil) and Rana proves this true each time the camera focuses on him. Despite being one of the wealthiest businessmen in Pakistan, Fawad Rana does not shy away from personally entertaining the crowds. In this video, Rana, in all his positive glory, is creating a frenzy in the stands among the spectators.

When He Taught Us to Accept Defeat with Honesty

In cricket, much like in most other games, there can only be one winner. While sportsman spirit demands that every victory and every loss be taken in a stride, we rarely see such a heartfelt acceptance of defeat. Living up to his image, this simple man gave us all a valuable lesson in honesty when his Lahore Qalandars bowed out of the tournament last year.

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Lahore Qalandars has once again lost but the love that Rana has inspired in millions of hearts makes him a true winner! Makes us wish all Pakistanis could be just a little bit like Fawad Rana! More power to his positivity!