10 Objects That Will Make Your Day Happier

Source: Brad Aronson

Everyone loves to be happy and because of this lockdown, most people are at home feeling bad about not being able to leave the house to see their friends. This list of objects will make your day just a little Happier.

1. A Kindle Paper White E-Reader

Source: HomeShopping.pk

Reading books can really help you in passing time and while you pass that time you are learning new things whether it’s your grammar or creativity. Reading books gives you an insight into other people’s perspectives on events, situations, or in life in general, which evolves your thinking process and widens your perspective about things, thus making you a little more interesting in the process.

2. A Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Source: Scoop Empire

Everyone loves a clean house but no one likes to be the one who is cleaning up, a vacuum that can vacuum without you? That’s enough to make anyone happy!!!

3. Stress Relief Candles


This lockdown has stressed out everyone, and this can help you. Relieving your stress with natural scents which is totally not harmful to you.

4. Agarbatti/ Incense

Source: Albie Fragrance Pvt Ltd

Probably after checking the prices of the Stress Relief Candles you were in shock but there is a much cheaper way to relieve stress and that is by burning an Agarbatti, the scent is proven to be relaxing and is also used by Professional Meditation and Yoga Teachers.

5. Electric Blankets

Source: Electronics Future Market

Winter is here, and you know what that means Freezing Cold Nights. A warm, cozy electric blanket on a cold winter’s night is a recipe for happiness!!!

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6. Noise Canceling Headphones

Source: Daraz

Everyone loves silence and peace and if it also makes you happy, you really need to invest on some Noise Canceling Headphones.

7. Foot Massager

Source: iShopping.pk

Who doesn’t love a nice foot massage.

8. A Lunar Lamp

Source: Lunar Lamps

Lunar Lamps can make you feel like you’re in an intergalactic adventure. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night with the moon right next to your face.

9. Air Freshener

Source: Amazon

Having a fresh scented home can really help calm your mind and be happy.

10. LED Light Strips

You would love a colorful room, especially if you’re a gamer. You can set the LED Strip to whichever color you like. It can be based on your mood or a certain theme.