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A gleeful Asma Jahangir participates in the Women on Wheels rally in Lahore in 2016. 150 women

In Pictures: Asma Jahangir And Her Phenomenal Struggle For Human Rights

Last evening Pakistan lost one of its bravest, most resilient daughters, Asma Jahangir. While Pakistanis from all walks of life mourn her untimely departure, let...
Hounor Killing in Pakistan

The Misplaced Notion of Honour Killing

A new wave of honour killing has surfaced in Pakistan. Cases are now being reported on a daily basis. In the last week alone,...
Pakistan Parliament

Pakistan Parliament: Urgent Need for Reforms for Improved Legislation and Representation

Geo-strategic challenges, national security, political instability and post-election tensions between the government and opposition parties largely defined the agenda for the Pakistan Parliament during...