Jitmoud Emerges As A Muslim Hero After Forgiving The Killer Of His...

Jitmoud Emerges As A Muslim Hero After Forgiving The Killer Of His Son

Salahuddin Jitmoud's father
Salahuddin Jitmoud's father

April, 2015 Salahuddin Jitmoud was stabbed to death during a robbery at an apartment complex in Lexington, Kentucky, USA.

Nearly two and a half years later Trey Alexander Relford was sentenced 31 years to jail after he was found guilty of being involved in murder, robbery and an attempt to tamper evidence.

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However, the sentence came only after Abdul Munim Sombat Jitmoud, the father of the assassinated Muslim pizza delivery driver forgave the offender during a hearing in the court. Here is what the brave father had to say:

For a lot of young people around the globe courage and bravery are concepts that have to do with activities that are either dangerous or violent.

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Jitmoud hence, by forgiving the murderer of his son, by comforting him and by embracing him explained how Islam preaches people to remain peaceful.

This really goes to show how kindness and not violence needs courage and why being kind to others is a brave thing to do.

International media almost exclusively projects a negative image of Muslims. However, Jitmoud’s kind heart has allowed him to emerge as a true Muslim hero. Muslims around the world remain grateful to him for projecting the real message of Islam and for making every Muslim on the planet proud!