Thursday, February 22, 2018


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Tahir Shahzad

Hi, This is Tahir Shahzad, He is a poet, researcher, mentor, social worker and now a blogger. Yes this diversity keeps life busy surrounded by vibes of introvert. By profession he is full stack web developer and seeking knowledge to improving skills in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Star Wars Holographic Television is Now a Reality

holographic televisionvideo
Curiosity and innovation are like electricity in a television set. They power our imagination and bring to life things that were once only vague...

Dr. Abdus Salam Centre for Physics – Why Not?

Dr. Abdus Salam Centre for Physics
How do you judge a doctor? His professionalism, empathetic relationship with patients, easy accessibility and reputation. How do we judge level of humanity in...

Amazon Go: No Lines, No Checkouts, Just Grab and Go

Amazon GO
I remember my shopping experiences in cash and carry stores. Whenever there were holidays, special events or sales, there would be (and still are!)...

RoboCup: Robots vs FIFA Champions

RoboCup: Robots Playing Soccer
Have you ever seen a robot playing soccer? Would you like to see a soccer game pitting a human against a robot? Is it really necessary...