Aman Mushaira – Let’s Dare to Dream!

Aman Mushaira – Let’s Dare to Dream!


Indus Valley is one of the most researched civilizations of all time and Muzaffargarh is amongst the oldest cities situated near the banks of river Indus. However, over the years multiple incidents of violence have played a massive role in damaging the image of this historical city.Thus, stake holders for long have been looking to devise a strategy that would help in stemming the tide.

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In any given society poets have always been instrumental in the process of social transformation. Keeping in view of this very fact, students of Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) organized a poetry competition titled “Aman Mushaira” in Muzaffargarh. The project was completed with the financial support of Pakistan Youth Change Advocates (PYCA) and aimed at promoting peace and tolerance amongst the youth through poems of their own local poets. The activity also contributed towards the revival the cultural activities in the city.