We Asked You! | No. 4 | Pulao Ya Biryani?

We Asked You! | No. 4 | Pulao Ya Biryani?


In this week’s, “We Asked You!” segment, team Bolo Jawan went around Islamabad to ask a simple question: Pulao ya Biryani?

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Immediately, interested onlookers gathered around to see the final results while amused passersby wrote the name of their favourite chawal wali dish on the flip chart.

Of course there were die hard biryani fans as expected.

Pulao ya biryani

But pulao lovers were not far behind. In fact this lady would pick pulao over biryani any given day!

pulao ya biryani

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Apparently there are quite a few Kabuli Pulao lovers out there!

Pulao ya Biryani - Kabuli Pulao

And then there are those true foodies for whom it’s not pulao ya biryani. They’re answer is PULAO AUR BIRYANI!

Pulao ya Biryani

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So, who won, pulao ya biryani? Click on the video below to find out!

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