This Is How Pakistanis Are Venting Their Frustration Over The Faizabad Settlement

This Is How Pakistanis Are Venting Their Frustration Over The Faizabad Settlement

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Government and protesters of Faizabad Dharna led by Tehreek Labaik and Sunni Tehreek reached a disappointing settlement yesterday.

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Many Pakistanis, it seems found the final agreement biased towards the protesters who had created a law and order situation in the twin cities and made life miserable for hundreds of thousands of people for weeks. A lot of people have since been venting out their frustration through a tirade of tweets.

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There were some who decided to make the most out of their dismay and tried to find humor in the whole Faizabad fiasco.

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There is no way they wouldn’t have dragged the Pakistani President in the situation!

When the whole country was literally flooding with #Faizabad tweets, how could Nadeem farooq Paracha hold back!

Anyone who’s heard the gundi galiaan coming out of Khadim Rizvi’s mouth would understand this tweet!

The humorists aside, there were certainly those who were in a mood so grim that they could have given the grumpiest man on earth a run for his money!

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Not so unexpectedly, Pakistani government and army were at the receiving end of Twitter’s wrath.

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This video of DG Rangers, Punjab distributing cash among Tehreek-e-Labaik members also raised many eyebrows.

This one was particularly harsh…

“Apne Log” quickly became a contentious term following the Army Chief’s statement about not wanting to take up arms against civilians.

This is disturbing on so many levels!

Given all that has happened in the last few days, it is hard to deny the fact that yesterday Pakistan lost and extremism won.

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I guess this tweet sums up perfectly what a lot of Pakistanis feel right now…