This City 41 Reporter Covering His Own Wedding Is Hilarious!

This City 41 Reporter Covering His Own Wedding Is Hilarious!


The most viral video doing rounds on social media today belongs to a City 41 reporter covering his own wedding.

Hannan Bukhari, a journalist with the local news channel, City 41 made headlines when he covered his own wedding live for television. But more than the coverage itself, it is his questions from his father and the bride that will crack you up.

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At one point he asked his father the one question that we all wish reporters would stop asking, “Aap ko kaisa lag raha hai?” (How are you feeling right now?).

To this Bukhari’s father, who looked visibly elated shared how excited he was to see his son getting married. He then went on to pray for his son’s happiness and thanked everyone who made the big day special for him and his family.

The funniest part of the “report” is the bride’s interview. Hannan Bukhari reveals that he and his wife had courted for close to four years and they were both extremely happy for finally getting married to each other.

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The frenzied groom-cum-reporter shoved the mike in his bride face, asking her how she was feeling? When the bride replied with a sheepish, “I’m happy,” Bukhari insisted that she elaborate, “Happy.”

“I rented sports cars and heavy bikes to make the baraat special,” he says, “And you just have a one word answer. Say more.”

To this the blushed bride replied, “I’m very happy that you made my wish come true and I hope you’ll continue to make all my wishes come true.”


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We wish the newly weds a very, very happy life ahead and here’s hoping that Hannan Bukhari does not make a habit of covering all his family functions on live television!

Khush raho! Abaad raho! (Stay happy! Stay blessed!)

And by the way, here’s the video for all of you to enjoy!